Foliage Plants & Interior Plant Leasing in St. Petersburg, Florida

Enjoy a natural and beautiful look in your office with help from our company in St. Petersburg, Florida, that provides interior plant leasing, and foliage plants.

Foliage Plants

Plant Designs Inc. sells and leases Florida-grown, Grade-A fancy foliage plants. We have 6-, 8-, 10-, 14-, and 17-inch container sizes. However, we also have larger plants available on request.

From bromeliads and poinsettias to chrysanthemums, we have the perfect flower to add color during holidays or seasons.

Clean the air in your workspace by decorating your office with our plants. They not only make you feel good, but they are good for you as well. Our team does everything from putting in the plants to taking care of them for you.

ll of our plants are 100% guaranteed and are professionally cared for by our trained service technicians on a weekly schedule.


Potted Plant, Foliage Plants, Interior Plant Leasing in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact us to request an estimate for affordable and eye-catching fancy plants.